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    Shenzhen Yifan plastic product co.,LTD. was founded in 2005.It is an independent research,manufacture and sale company of plastic products at an organic whole with several blow Henggang 228 industrial zone,adjacent to Shuiguan highway and Shenhui highway in Longgang district,the traffic around the company is convenient.the company mainly produces and sales all kinds of PE,PO,garbage bags ,on its advanced film blowing machine,printing machine and other equipments.Relying on its scientific management,strong technical strength,the company produces various kinds of exquisite printing bags,garbage bags,drum bags,flat pocket bags,environment-friendly bags and industrial packaging bags.The company's products are favored by customers for its good quality,now they are exported to the United States,Britain,Canada,Japan and Southestern Asian countries.The company'sshopping bags,printed bags are very suitable for supermakets,shopping malls,exclusive stores,hotels,restaurants,hosppitals and family use.the high quality service has been providing customers with all kinds of high quality goods.The company is winning wider and wider domestic and overseas market,its glad to welcome customers to visit and call to consult and negotiate business!